Raccoon Doll - Grey Wool 12" 30 cm

$50.00 CAD

Made to order handmade unique raccoon doll. The doll is made from a grey wool work or "hockey" sock. The face is partially felted with glass bead eyes. The paws are sculpted from wired chenille. There is a Canadian Flag Lapel Pin in his ear (like the Stiff rivet).

There are costume options available for an additional $5: sleeveless blue shirt with white maple leaf, jaunty scarf, Steam punk hat and vest, red plaid vest. Email me your preferences when you order.

This is a collectable soft sculpture and is not recommended for infants or children under three years, as some parts could potentially become a choke hazard if detached from the doll.

Signed Card attached (certificate of authentication).

$25 Shipping and Handling for North America
$45 Shipping and Handling for Europe
Other countries please message me so that I can calculate the rate

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